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Flanges Tees & Crosses

Studded Crosses and Tees

SEW is having expertisation in manufacturing the qualitative Studded Crosses & Tees, which are available in a number of sizes and having a pressure rating according to the API Product Specification.The application of crosses & Tees is to choke the manifold assembly or at a standpipe manifold assembly to divert, bypass or distribute the fluid flow.

In the same, Single piece connector and the Integral end connector are easily possible to design and deliver. And according API or Customer specification, we manufacture the welded construction. Bore and Center-line to face dimension shall conform to API specification 6A.

Flanges Crosses and Tees

SEW manufactures Flange Crosses and Tees. The order is taking care as per the design requirements and face to centerline requirements of API Spec 6A.

When specific nominal sizes and combination of nominal sizes do not appear in API Spec 6 A, SEW shall manufacture Flanged Crosses and Tees according to the design criteria provided in API Spec 6A

Weldneck Flanges

As per the standard guideline and specification drawing by API, 6B Weld Neck Flanges bores to match standard pipe sizes and schedules. API Spec 6A Specified, 6 BX Weld Neck Flanges, have material and dimensions that conform to the requirements for full bore integral flanges.
API Spce 6A specified the overall length of 6BX Weld Neck Flanges as well as to achieve the length it provide the dimensions of specific portions of the flange, with tolerance, that are added together, along with an undefined weld bevel. According to customer requirement , SEW deliver the weld neck in stretched length.

Adapter Flanges

SEW is having a series of sizes and pressure rating Adapter Flanges. Famously known and easily available Adapter Flanges are Companion Flanges, Flange X union adapters, Double studded adapter flanges.
Customers may use Adapter Flanges for transition in nominal size and/or pressure rating SEW Adapter Flanges has minimum overall heights, or customer specified thicknesses, consistent with design considerations.

Swivel Flanges

The Swivel Flange permits 360 rotations of an outer ring around a hub. It can be designed for any size and pressure rating.