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Hammer Unions


SEW is having technical expertisation in manufacturing the steel forging materials which are suitable to the specific pressure ratings.

End Connections

We are delivering an excellent quality production with a number of solutions as per the API line pipe and its standard. Products such as Socket Weld Ends and Butt Weld Ends are available with its standard and marks. As per the customer requirement we provide all products and take all consideration while taking orders for pipe structure.

Sour Service

SEW provide all sour service and H2S service parts as per the latest NACE specifications.

Low Temperature Service

SEW also supply material for low temperature applications with all essential suitable impact value testing.


Weco interchangeability is easily possible with All SEW anion components of the same size and figure numbers. All SEW union nuts have 3 hammer lugs.


The components designed and supplied by SEW are fully traceable documented.

Integral Union Connections

SEW manufactures a line of high pressure integral union connections in pressure ratings to 15,000 PSI CWP, including but not limited to Crosses, Ells, Tees.

Other Wing Unions

We also deliver the products in other domain as well, such as Hex Unions, Hammer Seal Tank Unions and Flat Face Unions. The sealing is horizontally based on O-Ring fitted between the grooves machined on the mating metal parts.

Other Products

SEW is having other domain products as well which are versatile and having great applications in oilfield. With expertisation in Frace Sucbs, we are manufactures of Wings to Wings Adapter, Flanged Tees and Crosses, Flange to Wind Adapters.