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Adapter & Spools

SEW manufactures an ample range of Drilling Spools and Double Studded Adapter Flanges

API Spce 6A specified the overall length of 6BX Weld Neck Flanges as well as to achieve the length it provide the dimensions of specific portions of the flange, with tolerance, that are added together, along with an undefined weld bevel. According to customer requirement , SEW deliver the weld neck in stretched length.

Adapter Spools

SEW manufactures Adapter Spools in a range of sizes and pressure rating. Adapter Spools have end connections that differ from one another in nominal size and /or pressure rating.

Spacer Spools

SEW Manufactures Spacer Spools opt for Well Head extension, B.O.P. Spacing, and Choke, Kill and Production Manifold applications. These are available in a number of sizes and pressure rating. Spacer Spools usually comprise the same nominal end connections. Its identification consists of naming each end connection and the overall length

Drilling Spools

SEW manufactures Drilling Spools in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings.
Drilling spools usually comprise the same nominal end/ outlet connections.
As per the Customer’s requirement, products are available in ┬áspecified combination of end connections and outlet connections as well as overall height or length (OAL) and outlet extension. When specified minimum height (or length), SEW Adapter Spools, Drilling Spools and Spacer Spools have minimum overall height (or length) consistent with adequate clearance to accommodate studs, nuts, wrenches, and clamps where applicable